About me - Ray Kauffman Photography


Thank you for visiting my website.

May of 2018 marks my 17th year at the current Altoona, Pennsylvania location.  With more than 24 years experience, RKP is qualified among the best portrait photographers in Central Pennsylvania.

As a business owner, I understand what quality and value mean to you.  They don't make 'em like they used to, right?  Wrong.  I'd like to change that perspective and raise the bar for what you should expect from a professional photographer.

My goal is to give you an exceptional portrait experience, providing you with beautiful images, unrivaled customer service and unique products that will have a lasting place in your home.  I am the first voice you will hear when calling with portrait inquiries and the last face you'll see as you leave the studio with beautiful, heirloom quality portrait products.

I hold very high self standards, so you can be sure that when I've met my own expectations, I will have more than exceeded yours.

I believe that everyone is entitled to portraits of the highest quality and professional service of an exceptional level.   In fact... you should accept nothing less.

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